Souplesse. It means riding in complete harmony with your bike and your terrain. The TIME Fluidity has been developed to be the type of extension of your body that makes it possible to ride it with the souplesse of a pro. The Fluidity is intended to offer not only lightweight rigidity, but an extra dose of comfort as well.

Since we keep our frame building inhouse, we have complete control over the weave of the carbon tubes to offer the perfect responses to pedal forces and road vibrations. For the Fluidity, we weave a bit of Vectran, a bit of high modulus carbon fiber, and then with the greater portion using high resistance carbon. This mixture we find offers the perfect mix of comfort, low weight and rigidity. By using our Resin Transfer Molding process, we can keep the material to a minimum. Injecting the resin under high pressure ensures a consistent level of resin is used, consequently keeping the weight down.

The Fluidity comes in a rim brake and disc brake option. It can be ordered with the TIME Aktiv Carbon Fork that offers built-in vibration dampers to soak up any road chatter. It is also available either with a normal seat post set up or the TIME Translink integrated seatpost. Once you know and set your saddle height, the integrated seatpost significantly increases the stiffness and rigidity of the bike.

The geometry has been oriented more towards the sportif side of cycling, with a slightly upright position to offer more comfort over greater distances. The comfort and stability of the position on longer climbs and the resulting descents is what makes the Fluidity an excellent bike for Gran Fondos and other road adventures.

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