As our most aerodynamic offering, the Scylon is a purebred racing bike. It is the bike in our lineup that perhaps most clearly shows how refined our carbon tube process can be. First by using our own carbon braiding, we can design a complex arrangement of high resistance and high modulus carbon, woven with a precise amount of Vectran fibers to deliver the exact ride qualities we want. Then the Resin Transfer Moulding injects the resin under high pressure into the material molds to ensure a consistent level of resin, creating a smooth surface over the braided carbon, with no waste of materials.

We have devoted a lot of time and research using simulations and fluid dynamics analysis to create our most aero frame in the lineup. Being able to form the tubes exactly as we want allows us to offer these aero advantages without hampering the plush ride feel. And our Racingdrive Geometry enhances these aerodynamic design features by lowering the head tube to allow the rider to get into an aggressively aero position.

The Scylon comes in a rim brake and disc brake option. It can be ordered with the TIME Aktiv Carbon Fork that offers built-in vibration dampers to soak up any road chatter. It is also available either with a normal seat post set up or the TIME Translink integrated seatpost. Once you know and set your saddle height, the integrated seatpost significantly increases the stiffness and rigidity of the bike.

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