Satisfaction in a job well done.

Unrivaled performance. Unparalleled stiffness. Responsiveness, innovation, aerodynamics, lightweight. There are a lot of buzzwords in cycling. But what do they mean? Do they mean anything anymore since they appear in some way or another in every single review and product page?

Well, yes they do. Every bike is intended to ride a certain way. Whether they all live up to expectations is up to the people who chose the materials, design the geometry, decide on production methods. There are a lot of variables, which is why there are so many bikes on the market with all sorts of different characteristics.

At TIME, we have the advantage of having more than 30 years of experience creating all our frames in-house using patented high tech processes that we have perfected over the course of decades. Our technicians pride themselves on the quality of the product and take great satisfaction in a job well done.



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