Time ADHX 45: First Impressions from Andy Clark
Andy Clark has been riding a blue Time ADHX for almost a year now, and as he says "it’s flat-out unbelievable as both a fast gravel and a road bike. But if you try to run tires much bigger than...
Road vs. Allroad vs. Gravel
ROAD A road bicycle, often referred to simply as a road bike, is a type of bicycle designed specifically for riding on smooth, paved roads and surfaces. These bicycles are optimized for speed, efficiency, and long-distance riding, making them ideal...
TIME made a Gravel Bike - ADHX 45 - from Mapdec Cycle Works
New Video from Mapdec Cycle Works At last! We can stop pretending the ADHX is a gravel bike and put it firmly in the road bike category. THIS is a gravel bike! 45mm of tyre clearance, reinforced stays, stiff, strong,...
ADHX vs. ADHX 45 — What's the difference?
First, the most important similarity. There are quite a few similarities between the ADHX and ADHX 45. However, the most important quality that they share is the same manufacturing process. At TIME, we have a very unique carbon fiber manufacturing...
Road Race Debuts : Lizi Brooke and Frances Owen from Wahoo Le Col
"Lizi Brooke and Frances Owen (Wahoo-Le Col) made their road race debuts ones to remember with fine 14th and 17th places, respectively. The pair only started road racing last year, with Brooke bringing 15 years of personal training and a year of...
Gee Milner has selected our flagship Alpe D'Huez in Chroma Green for his latest installation of Dream Builds - watch the video and picture yourself taking this artwork for a ride when this exceptional bike is complete!Take a moment to...
TIME Perfection in Every Strand
‘PERFECTION IN EVERY STRAND' – a stunning film that uncovers the process behind the world’s finest carbon bikes. We use two unique processes in the creation of our frames. Braided Carbon Structures (BCS) - the weaving of dry carbon fibers...
TIME and Sustainability: How We're Making a Difference
TIME didn’t necessarily start with the idea of making more efficient use of materials, but in fact many of our processes are less wasteful than industry-standard carbon production. It’s not a secret that working with carbon is not a green...
Time ADHX: The Ultimate All-Road Beast? Full In-Depth Analysis and Long-Term Review
I’ve had the ADHX for just over 6 months now. It arrived in late December, and to be honest I spared no expense on the build: The spec list looks like this: ENVE gravel bars and 3.4 AR wheels with...
Unimaginable Quality from European Manufacturing
Mapdec Cycle Works takes a very up close and detailed look at the TIME Alpe D'Huez road bike frame.Mapdec Cycle Works talks about the exclusive RTM Resin Transfer Moulding process involved in the construction, but mostly focus of the overall build quality....
Build by @JimmidNicholls - Red Everything! TIME Alpe D'Huez with SRAM Red and ZIPP.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the workshop in this series dedicated to dreamy ASMR-style bike build videos. Chilled Builds blends the arts of bike building and filmmaking to showcase beautifully unique custom bikes in a calming...
Race TIME #3 – Stade Rochelais Charente-Maritime
The final instalment of Race TIME sees us shine the spotlight on the French based Stade Rochelais Charente-Maritime Cycling Team. 
Every now and then a master in their field emerges to push things to another level. Kong 2 Studio is one such master and his custom Alpe d'Huez 21 is a breath of fresh springtime air.
Race TIME #2 – ProTouch Pro Racing
We're immensely proud to be supporting ProTouch Pro Racing during the 2022 season. ProTouch are an exceptional team empowering and enabling African cyclists to perform on the world stage.
Race TIME #1 - Roxo Racing

Racing is in our blood. The challenge of training, competing, pushing yourself and your teammates to the limit in the pursuit of glory is a challenge that resonates deeply.

We've delved into the TIME archives and uncovered this gem from 2015 when James Witts from the UK's Cyclist Magazine visited our factory.
We are very excited to launch the 2022 collection of our outstanding Alpe d’Huez 01, Alpe d’Huez 21 and Scylon frames.
TIME frames have been used by some of the greats of modern cycling, notably Tom Boonen, Paolo Bettini, Thomas Voeckler, and Sylvain Chavanel.