Unimaginable Quality from European Manufacturing

Unimaginable Quality from European Manufacturing

Mapdec Cycle Works takes a very up close and detailed look at the TIME Alpe D'Huez road bike frame.

Mapdec Cycle Works talks about the exclusive RTM Resin Transfer Moulding process involved in the construction, but mostly focus of the overall build quality.

In future videos Mapdec Cycle Works is going to try and explain why this matters, why it is important to have precise and strong frames that inspire confidence.

The video and stills of the factory are provided with free use to us. Mapdec Cycle Works has not accepted any payment or free goods. The ADHX mention is on loan, and the ADH frame mentioned has been paid for by us.

The paint work exhibits a glorious luster, the mounting points are clean, accurate and perfect.

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